Hello and thank you for visiting my website!


As a teenager back in the 70's I loved sewing!


My lovely parents encouraged this and bought me my

first sewing machine - a second hand Frister Rossman.


I loved them and I loved my new machine! I took classes...


Then marriage and family came...  

Sewing stopped....


Years later daughter number one came home from Uni and disovered my Frister Rossman!

All those years undercover and it was sewing again!


It rekindled my interest...


and this little business...

'A MuddMade thing...'



Now I make bags and more!


Every item is handcrafted - from choosing the fun, quirky often unique fabrics to the very last stitch - a Muddmade thing is crafted to the highest standard for people to enjoy.


Oh and if you are wondering why 'MuddMade'?

Well my name is Judy Mudd and I made them!


Enjoy browsing!




Who is MuddMade?